The Flame's Daughter


The Flame's Daughter

Native Title:烈火如歌
Release Mar 1, 2018
Quality HD
Edit By Kiss Oppa
Genre: Romance, Wuxia, Drama
Top CastsDilraba Dilmurat, Vic Zhou, Vin Zhang
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Yinxue is a person which I can't comprehend by any means. However, in the first place, I can't understand how this character squeezes into the story with the exception of that he has the occupation of saving everybody (not without a reason to him). That he has no reasonable spot in the story should make him strange, yet I have the feeling that he is "just there" and rather irritating. Yinxue has his hazier past behind him and is depicted as a profoundly and socially knowledgeable person. In any case, his way of behaving towards Ruge doesn't mirror that by any means. Beginning with Yinxue attempting to take action on her when she just broke up her commitment with Zhanfeng, he is ceaselessly annoying her to surrender to his methodologies. His way of behaving is many times over the top - for instance, him being pouty on the grounds that Ruge treats him briskly with regards to Yuzihan practically biting the dust which requires her complete focus. Yinxue's fairly self centered conduct is very shocking. Particularly him energetically requesting a kiss in return for men's lives - precisely, how much is a daily existence worth?! Afterward, he makes her briefly lose her memory through his powers, and by this nearly got to wed her. Albeit the basic thinking is to shield her from excruciating memory and to assist her with recuperating, that endeavor leaves a fairly upsetting "persistent flavor". In any case, I'm much more stunned with Ruge's way of behaving, on the grounds that regardless of how he acts, she either is by all accounts only good with that or she perseveres through everything submissively. Nothing from which Yinxue had experienced in the past legitimizes his way of behaving. In his situation, saving somebody for Ruge implies he merits her adoration. Be that as it may, love can't be "acquired". Obviously, I can't see anything sweet in that "romantic tale". It even exacerbates it that there is essentially no science between the entertainers by any stretch of the imagination - even the crude closure can't save this. Yuzihan is presumably the most agreeable person in this show. Regardless of all that he went through, he isn't scornful and doesn't have any desire to become successor to the privileged position. In later episodes he quits any pretense of everything for Ruge and isn't eager for her adoration. Indeed, even a solid body can't ruin him. Could it be said that he is human by any stretch of the imagination? In any case, his personality has the most profundity, and his demeanors are spot on. It's intriguing to watch his personality creating and see him utilizing his cunning. Zhanfeng's personality gives me the feeling that there is something missing, similar to that the person isn't exactly sorted through. You can scarcely comprehend the reason why he trusts the lie about the passing of his folks "very much like that". You can see him enduring, however you can't emphatize with him. The lie about his folks is the essential groundwork of the entire story, yet it didn't appear to be treated with incredible consideration by the makers. Exactly, the way the way that he was fooled into accepting this falsehood ought to stand out. What is missing is fundamentally seeing the specific scene how he got deceived, him attempting to make own examinations wherein he finds out about covered (counterfeit) proof and figuring out others' untruths which gradually takes care of into his doubt, something to that effect. Watching the series gave me the feeling that he confides in others too effectively (coincidentally, how does Yilang be aware of this "top" secret?). What is considerably really irritating, is Zhanfeng expressing nothing in such countless scenes. Albeit this is expected, it obviously feels that the discourse part is absent. Peculiarly, when Liemingjing and even Ruge find out about Zhanfeng accepting that falsehood, they don't attempt to consult with him about that. Assuming you see an individual near you experience that much, for Ruge's situation they even disintegrated their commitment hence, how about you address it? For what reason doesn't Liemingjing come clean with Zhanfeng to safeguard Ruge together however rather holds on until everything is screwed up (regardless of whether he see the advantage or have to get ready him and work on an arrangement together, he ought to have done as such at the most recent when he found out about Zhanfeng's Anhegong military craftsmanship abilities)? Imagine a scenario where Anyeluo accidentially meets Ruge who very closely resembles her mom, then, at that point, the entirety "masterplan" would be to no end. Moreover, I don't have the foggiest idea why Zhanfeng embarrasses Ruge at the outset, it feels that this conduct isn't exactly fundamental for the story, and it doesn't make sense of his later activities when he is really attempting to be pleasant to her. By and by, concerning the acting, Zhang Binbin's depiction of feelings is the benchmark for some other entertainer in the show.

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