Beuladeo [2022]

Beuladeo [2022]
Beuladeo [2022]

Brother, Beuradeo , Beuladeo

Native Title:브라더
Release Oct 7, 2021
Quality HD
Edit By Kiss Oppa
Genre: Action, Mystery, Crime
Top CastsJo Jae Yoon, Jung Jin Woon, Jo Won Hee
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {duration}=1h 37m {year}=2021{cc}

Meet Kang Soo, a detective fueled by an unwavering sense of justice and unyielding ambition. His world is turned upside down when an anonymous tip-off unveils the operations of a nefarious organization engaged in heinous crimes like drug trafficking. In a bold move to dismantle the criminal network, Kang Soo infiltrates their ranks in disguise. Amidst the perilous undercover mission, he forms an unexpected alliance with Yong Shik, the right-hand man to the organization's leader. Despite their disparate motives, a peculiar camaraderie blossoms between them as they navigate the treacherous terrain together. However, as Kang Soo delves deeper into the covert investigation, the risk of his true identity being exposed looms ominously. With each revelation, he confronts the chilling reality of the organization's depravity, plunging him into a world where vengeance and betrayal collide. As the stakes escalate, these two men find themselves entangled in a precarious dance of loyalty and deceit, poised on the brink of an extraordinary display of teamwork where the line between ally and adversary blurs into oblivion.

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