For M [2014]

Mimi [2014]
Mimi [2014]

Mimi, Mimi , For M , Emeul Wihayeo , M을 μœ„ν•˜μ—¬ , 엠을 μœ„ν•˜μ—¬

Native Title:λ―Έλ―Έ
Release Feb 21, 2014
Quality HD
Edit By Kiss Oppa
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Supernatural
Top CastsMun Ka Young, Shim Chang Min, Shin Hyun Been
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {episode}=Completed {year}=04{cc}

28-year-old Min Charm is a webtoon essayist. At some point, he finds a notice directly in front of him schedule. With the notice, he starts to compose a new webtoon "December 8". The comic transforms into a moment hit. As the webtoon turns out to be much more well known, Min Charm feels tension from work. He starts to experience the ill effects of extreme cerebral pains due to the strain.

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