I Miss You [2012]

Missing You [2012]
Missing You [2012]

Missing You, Bogoshibda , I Miss You

Native Title:보고싶다
Release Nov 7, 2012
Quality HD
Edit By Kiss Oppa
Genre: Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Top CastsPark Yoo Chun, Yoon Eun Hye, Yoo Seung Ho
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {episode}=Completed {year}=21{cc}

Fifteen-year-old Soo Yeon is relentlessly bullied at school because her father is a murderer. Her only ally is Jung Woo, who always protects her from the bullies. Soo Yeon and Jung Woo are in love, but an unexpected accident separates them. Years later, they are reunited by fate. Jung Woo is now a detective, with memories of his first love always lingering in his mind. Soo Yeon has become a rookie fashion designer, outwardly cheerful but still bearing deep emotional scars. Her lover, Hyung Joon, seems warm and kind but harbors a desire for vengeance against Jung Woo.

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