My Annoying Brother [2016]

My Annoying Brother [2016]
My Annoying Brother [2016]

My Annoying Brother, Brother , Older Brother , Hyung

Native Title:
Release Nov 23, 2016
Quality HD
Edit By Kiss Oppa
Genre: Comedy, Life, Drama, Sports
Top CastsDoh Kyung Soo, Jo Jung Suk, Park Shin Hye
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {duration}=1h 50m {year}=2016{cc}

Doo Shik gets paroled from jail thanks to his more youthful sibling Doo Yeong. Doo Yeong is a promising judo competitor. Following 15 years, Doo Shik abruptly shows up before Doo Yeong and they start to live respectively. Doo Yeong becomes engaged with a mishap before the choice for the public group.

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