God of Study [2010]

Master of Study [2010]
Master of Study [2010]

Master of Study, Lord of Studying , God of Study , Gongbueui Shin , Gongbueui Sin

Native Title:공부의 신
Release Jan 4, 2010
Quality HD
Edit By Kiss Oppa
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Youth
Top CastsBae Doo Na, Kim Soo Ro, Yoo Seung Ho
CountrySouth Korea
{quality}=HD {episode}=Completed {year}=16{cc}

At the point when rough and grating legal counselor Kang Suk Ho is placed accountable for the selling Byung Moon Secondary School, he sees his own upset past in the hazardous understudies who carry on with their lives without any fantasies. He then offers to show them and broadcasts that he will get the five most laziest understudies - Hwang Baek Hyun, Gil Pul Ip, Na Hyun Jung, Hong Chan Doo, and Gracious Bong Goo - acknowledged into Cheonha College, the most lofty school in the country. Everybody - - including the educators, understudies and the school's chief Jang Mama Ri - - calls him insane. Idiosyncratic and sincere English educator Han Soo Jung, who accepts that the reason for schooling isn't tied in with getting into a decent school, moreover at first items to Suk Ho's showing techniques and inspirations. Yet, he lays out an exceptional class for the five delinquent understudies, including Hwang Baek Hyun who knocks heads immediately with Suk Ho, to assist them with planning for Cheonha College.

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